Getting the table ready for Christmas...

How to get the Table ready for your guests


There is nothing more exciting than the festive period and the plethora of events: the family dinner, the friends over for NYE and of course keeping the home prepped and full of treats ready for your guest that may pop in at any moment.


+ Natural base

Set the tone with really natural tones: green eucalyptus, ivy, dried pampas grass and gently drape the around home at key points that catch the eye: the mantlepiece, side tables, consoles, even the bathroom. Once this base is laid you can then think about how the table will tie in with the rest of the home. 


+ Gentle lighting

Find a way to ensure that the lighting is soft, maybe little yellow toned fairy lights, or candles (not too much of an overpowering scent at the table) this allows everything to look that little bit more magical 


+ Theme colour

This is essential, everything from the napkins to the cutlery, you can find the perfect theme colour that complements your home. You don’t need to buy anting new, if the cutler is silver use that as the colour along with white, or perhaps gold and red. It gives your home the really personal touch that is your style but also picas for the festive season. 


+ Centrepiece

The piece that ties everything together. The talking piece and the chance to truly show what your style is… we have picked our favourite Infini London arrangements that are perfect for you to showcase....


The Cashmere Cube


Red and White colour combination


Festive Aphrodite Roses


December 17, 2019 by Aaron Sparkes