November : What's inspiring us

Here is what is inspiring us this month:

Every month we are putting together our moodboards to inspire you and tell you about the trends that we are loving.  Here is Novembers.

Red roses: Timeless and romantic. There is nothing more special than receiving red roses from someone you love. Our favourite for this month is the large box from our Aphrodite collection.

Winter candles: the scent of pine cones and fir trees as you walk through the door, or soak in a hot bath after a cold day.

Black and red: We may have already mentioned this, but we are truly obsessed with the black cashmere collection and red roses. Style them on the fire place or at the centre of the dining table to add pure decadence to the home and create that cosy feeling.

Cashmere: We are unsure if these needs any introduction at all, cashmere is THE material for AW trends and comfort. Spending our Sundays in cashmere co-ords and wrapped in blankets is pure perfection for November.

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November inspiration from Infini London

November 12, 2019 by Aaron Sparkes
Tags: styling
Introducing The Aphrodite Collection

Introducing The Aphrodite Collection

As Aphrodite, the goddess of love cried for her fallen lover Adonis, the roses turned red as a token of her love. The Greek Goddess is believed to be the earliest explanation of why we give red roses as a symbol of love, and we could not think of a more perfect name for our red one year roses than the Aphrodite Collection.

Home Styling Inspiration

Home Styling Inspiration

It’s that time of year when pumpkin spiced lattes are in hand, sat by an open fire wrapped in cashmere watching winter draw in, and we couldn’t be more excited. There is nothing we love as much as transitioning our home from summer to winter, covering the sofa in soft blankets and digging out the scented candles: yet at the centre of our styling is of course, our cashmere collection.

Celebrate Christmas with us

Celebrate Christmas with us

What we find so fascinating is the interpretation that people take for Christmas, no matter how many homes you visit, every single place is different: are you a green and gold person? Red? White and grey? Or every single colour. Whichever it is we have a solution for you to either add to the home of give as a symbol of you to other people.