Spring Styling

We sit writing this as the sun is shining through the office windows, blue sky and the first sight of Spring flowers, it can only mean one thing, we are officially in March. One of our biggest passions is representing the seasons throughout the year and seeing all of the transitions throughout or home that keep it fresh. 


The infamous “spring clean” is the perfect opportunity to notice what is adding to that light and airy feeling, and what is feeling dark and almost sluggish from winter. Isn’t it funny how we crave different things depending on the weather and our outer surroundings, we want to eat lighter foods, wear lighter clothes,  and the home should represent this too. To give you a little further insight into life at Infini London, we wanted to share our Signature Spring Styling tips:


+ Neutral palette

Creating the sanctuary in the home takestime and precision, the secret to all those insta-worthy shots is primarily neutral tones. The soft oatmeal blankets, pampas grass in terracotta or glass vases. Crisp white bed sheets and linen table settings - the beauty of this style is that it is timeless, investing in your home in this way will never look dated.


+ White bedrooms

Not necessarily the walls but bedsheets, lampshades, robes and slippers, try to create a white or ivory toned look. This colour-way creates a feeling of instant relaxation. 


+ Textures

This is where you can have some real fun in the home. Velvet sofas, Egyptian cotton bedding, fluffy nude blankets, even though it is Spring and a time to be clean we still want the cosy feeling. 



+ Candles

Out with the infamous Winter candle and in with the clean scents: Burning Rose, Linen even vanilla are a few of our favourites.



+ Flowers 

Our love for roses is year long, the timeless elegance of the Rose is something that just adds so much grace and warmth to your home. We love our spring hues; champagne, light pink and ivory roses highlighting so many parts of the home.

We can't wait to see your Spring Styling, and if you are not following us on instagram, come and join our family! 

March 10, 2020 by Aaron Sparkes