Thinking of each other in this time

Firstly, we wanted to write to you to thank you. We thank you for your prolonged patience with our mild delays to our service and limitations in our offerings. This is something that we never want to happen and we are blown away by the generosity of our clients. Thank you.

We are currently living in a time that we have never seen or experienced and it is so hard to navigate the "new normal" that we find ourselves in, however, what is getting us through is the connection and community. We are lucky enough to work in an industry full of love, people sending roses with the most beautiful notes to one another for all occasions as a token of love. Not only is that person receiving flowers in the post, they are receiving roses that will last a year and be a part of the home and a reminder of you!

We would love to offer one of you the chance to nominate someone to receive a box of our beautiful red roses. All you need to do is message us on instagram and tell us why! We cannot wait. We are all in this together... 



April 22, 2020 by Aaron Sparkes