Celebrate Christmas with us

It may be November but all we are thinking about is Christmas, is there a better feeling than the run up to this special day, preparing the home, wrapping presents and creating those special memories.


Christmas Infini  


What we find so fascinating is the interpretation that people take for Christmas, no matter how many homes you visit, every single place is different: are you a green and gold person? Red? White and grey? Or every single colour. Whichever it is we have a solution for you to either add to the home of give as a symbol of you to other people. 

Imagine receiving this gift (and also the red wine please) on Christmas Day, knowing that it will also last a year.

The Signature Lavaliere is pure elegance. The red roses are not only a symbol of love but also perfectly festive when styled in this way.

 Christmas with Infini London


Green Roses Infini


Green and gold is one of the most traditional colour combinations for Christmas and we believe these roses are so unique they are an incredible talking point.

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November 05, 2019 by Aaron Sparkes