INFINI London is your home for more than just giving the gift of roses in a box. We are creating the story with you to show someone in your life just how much you love them.

White roses from Infini London

The elegance of our one-year roses is timeless and each box is carefully handcrafted to ensure that the luxury roses are arranged with precision before arriving at your home. The beauty of our roses comes from how they are preserved and treated during their flowering.

Ensuring that we only use the highest quality of luxurious roses, we work with our floral artists to guarantee when they are hand-picked and treated, they are at the optimum state. If carefully taken care of the roses can last over a year, creating the perfect arrangement that is true symbol of elegance.

We like to combine our passion for individuality with innovation to ensure that we can offer you the perfect gift for your needs. If we do not have it, we can create your dream box of roses with you and be part of the story together.